November Luncheon: Are HR Executives ALSO Insurance Professionals?

Matthew Byrne

Find Out at Our November Luncheon! (2CE)

The average HR Professional spends more than 50% of their time directly or indirectly involved in an insurance related task. According to HR Certification Institute’s PHR Certification, an HR professional spends 27% of their time on compensation, benefits, and risk management.

The remaining 73% is spent on business management, strategy, workforce planning, and direct employee involvement including claims, budgetary aspects as a result of losses, hiring and separations as a result of incidents, accidents and injuries, education about benefits, and being a front line claims advisor for the products provided.

As agents, we assume many roles: peer, educator, asset advisor, protector, confidant, risk manager, and friend. It is only through understanding needs and hurdles that we can offer the best solutions. In this presentation, Michael Lorms of Risk Control 360º will give you an understanding of the demands placed upon HR professionals and how to provide solutions for that burden.

By the end of this presentation, you will be able to view HR professionals as insurance professionals and mentor them with proven risk reduction solutions in the same vein as a discussion with a coworker, underwriting, the home office, or managing partner.


What You Will Learn:

  • Define and identify HR risk.
  • Provide applicable risk mitigation solutions and check the process.
  • Demonstrate the relationship between employer and employee risk.
  • Correlate employer and employee risk with impacting HR factors.
  • Identify and develop measures to judge HR risk.
  • Propose solutions to HR risk.
  • Provide insight as to how solutions are applied to identified HR deficiencies.
  • Explore risk reduction opportunities.

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