About CAHU

CAHU has grown into one of the most respected voices on health insurance and benefits issues. As such, we are hard at work educating and informing federal and state government leaders about the important work you do everyday on behalf of your clients. As health care reform continues to be the leading issue on Capitol Hill, CAHU is the one unwavering voice representing your interests. We know how important you are to the health and well-being of your clients, and we bring that powerful message to your elected officials every day.


In addition to advocacy, CAHU membership guarantees you access to the most valuable resources available to health insurance professionals. Your CAHU membership will keep you informed, making your business easier to manage. Here are some of the benefits your CAHU membership provides:

Education and Networking – National, state and local chapters provide continuing education opportunities to keep you abreast on trends, new products and policy changes in the industry.

Information Resources – With national association website, www.nahu.org, Health Insurance Underwriter magazine, newsletters and electronic communications at your fingertips, you’ll always have the most current industry information.

Member Recognition – Every day NAHU works to reward members who are making a difference in their communities and the nation. To hear these stories visit, www.brokersmakingadifference.org

Member-only discount programs – From an exclusive agreement with Mercer Consumer for agent preferred errors and omissions insurance to discounts on shipping, conference calling and credit cards, NAHU offers you opportunities to save money on the items you need to operate your business.

For questions please contact Betsey Zych at (614) 436-6124 or fill out our inquiry form here.

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Columbus Association of Health Underwriters is to promote and sustain a knowledgeable and professional membership and successful business environment for those engaged in disability and health risk management; to further the enhancement of their professional skills and services which will foster a greater financial security and independence of the consuming public.


CAHU members are expert health care advisors who help you navigate health care options.







  • To promote the common business interest of those engaged in disability and risk management.
  • To advance and promote public knowledge for the need and benefit of disability income and/or health insurance products.
  • To provide and promote a program of continuing education and self-improvement of CAHU members.
  • To increase the knowledge of members concerning the principles, functions and applications of health insurance and disability income products.
  • To promote education, legislation, regulation and practices which are in the best interest of the health and disability insurance industry and the insuring public.
  • To do such things and to carry out other such programs so as to further the purposes of the Association.
  • To present accurately, honestly and completely every fact essential to the client’s decision as expressed in the Code of Ethics of the National Association of Health Underwriters, which are considered a part of these bylaws.

Code of Ethics

  1. Hold the selling of health insurance as a profession and a public trust and do all in my power to maintain its prestige.
  2. Keep the needs of my prospects and their families paramount.
  3. Respect my client’s trust in me, and never do anything which would betray that trust or confidence.
  4. Use no advertising which may be false or misleading.
  5. Exercise diligence in securing and submitting all information necessary for the issuance of sound insurance coverage to the public I serve.
  6. Consider the sale of Health Insurance as a career, know and abide by the insurance laws of my state, and seek constantly through study to increase my knowledge and improve my ability to serve the insuring public.
  7. Be fair and just to my competitors, and engage in no practices which might reflect unfavorably on myself or my industry.
  8. Treat prospects, clients, and companies fairly by submitting applications which give all information pertinent to the underwriting of a policy.
  9. Be loyal to my associates, my fellow agents and the company or companies I represent.