CAHU Speaker Notes – Medical Marijuana: Impact on the Workplace – December 12, 2017

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On Tuesday, December 12, 2017 CAHU hosted a dynamic discussion with guest speakers addressing the upcoming issue of medical marijuana in the workplace!

In this edition if CAHU Speaker Notes, three of our four panelists address the following questions:

Lloyd Pierre-Louis, Attorney-at-Law, Director – Kegler Brown Hill & Ritter

  • What is the Story with Medical Marijuana in OHIO?
  • How will this Medical Marijuana be Distributed?
  • What forms of Medical Marijuana will be Permitted?
  • What’s Your Advice for Employers?

Tom Sico, Assistant General Counsel, Ohio BWC 

  • What is the “Drug-Free Safety” Program?
  • How Might Medical Marijuana Impact an Employer’s Eligibility?

Courtney Meyers, CEO, Movanti

  • How Does Cannabis Job Growth Impact the Overall Competition for Good Employees?
  • How Might Medical Marijuana Impact Testing and Hiring?
  • What about “On-the-Job” Usage of Medical Marijuana?